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Haribo wholesale supplier

Haribo wholesale suppliers
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Haribo wholesale suppliers


Please choose from the drop down menu your choice of Haribo Sweets from the list below:

HARIBO: Limited Edition Starmix Frenzy Carnival Bag 220g

HARIBO Fizzy Bubblegum Bottles Flavour 180g

HARIBO Limited Edition Tangfastics Frenzy Carnival

HARIBO Tangy Minions 180g

HARIBO Minions Bag 80g

HARIBO Fizzy Cola Balla Stixx Bag 160g

Haribo Strawberry Balla Stixx Bag 140g

HARIBO Wine Gums 200g

HARIBO Jelly Babies 200g

HARIBO Sour Rainbow Spaghetti 180g

HARIBO Fantasy Mix 160g

HARIBO Chamallows Pink & White Marshmallows 150g

Haribo Strawbs Bag 160g

HARIBO Goldbears 160g

HARIBO Authentic Pontefract Cakes Soft Liquorice

HARIBO Happy Cola 150g

HARIBO The Smurfs 220g

Haribo Sour Cherries Bag 160g

HARIBO Super Mix 160g

A fizzy mix of Haribo sweets great for party bags

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Haribo wholesale suppliers
EAN 9002975301558
Number pieces in packaging 24
Number of cases on the pallet 98
Number of pieces on the pallet 2352

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Haribo wholesale suppliers