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Please find our offer for Kelo-Cote:

EAN Product Price Photo
3401598315304 Kelo-Cote Silikon Gel 6g € 4,20
3401598315472 Kelo-Cote Silikon Gel 15g € 10,90     
3401598315533 Kelo-Cote Silikon Gel 60g € 25,50    
7927340000428 Kelo-Cote Silikon Spray 100ml € 11,50    
3401598336354 Kelo-Cote Silikon Gel 15g UV € 10,70    
3401541055523 Kelo-Cote Silikon Gel 6g UV € 5,15  
3661687990236 Kelo-Stretch 125ml € 8,05



We are an international wholesaler and distributor of fast-moving consumer goods across a collection of niche markets. Our business is to provide our clients needs across Geographical boundaries, and we achieve this by providing best-in-class-service at all levels of the company. Along the entire supply chain, we use our knowledge and experience for smooth transaction and timely delivery of the agreed business. We act as a trustworthy partner in making sure of our clients’ needs, packaging, logistics & other minute details connected to the transaction. In our business, our goal remains the same as it did when we started 20 years ago: to provide clients with reliable, long-term deliveries of genuine products, while continuing to grow their business, and our own.

With its offices across Europe and Asia, EU Global Groceries is well positioned to serve its clients in different time zones, continents and across all major ports.

Apart from its branch offices, we have established partners in many parts of the world like – Singapore, Vietnam, Indonesia, Thailand, Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, Poland, Netherlands, UK, Spain, Portugal, Bahamas, West Indies, Mexico, South America.
This has made our network really strong and brings in a lot of efficiency in sourcing and distribution.

We present 20 plus years of experience in the FMCG trade and therefore work with all aspects connected to Trade and Commerce.

Speed, Flexibility, Efficiency are the key factors in this trade given the various challenges so at Trinity we keep that as our prime objective to get the return.

We have 2 verticals at Trinity One which works with Global Brands and customises the business as per Clients Needs and Geographical Boundaries.

The Other Business is of Agro Commodities Like Nuts, Frozen Foods, Pulses and Dairy Products .

We are associated with some large Producer Companies and Farmer associations to take advantage of Direct sourcing of our Products with a packaging facility Tie Up in Europe.


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